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Because of living in "Heron City", we built an indoor pond (400-450) gallons in our finished basement. We had our outdoor deck sealed before the harsh winter weather. The basement wall has windows that look out under the deck. We have recently begun to see minature flying insects landing on the window crevices and walls. The bugs are black and very tiny with wings and 3/4 legs on each side and are coming indoors. They seem to like light and crevices.

What can we use to get rid of the bugs without harming the fish.
Thank you

Hi, Sue,

You'll need to talk to a professional exterminator, and make sure he knows abot the fish. Regardless of what he uses, you'll want to cover the tank with several layers of plastic tarp, well taped down, before, during and for some days after his visit.

Bob Passovoy











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