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Trade Show 2004, May 7 and 8, 2004

and a good time was had by all.

Because the Fairgrounds accidentally sold our original date, the Trade Show was a week later than usual. This was good; plants could go outside into ponds and gardens right away, thanks to a warm, early spring. Also, we had an additional two hours to clear out on Saturday evening.

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See this lady? Be nice to this lady. She is Bay Bateman.


Bay's the one who arranged for that wonderful hot pizza delivery at 4PM Friday when everyone was cold, tired and hungry.

Nancy Kavathas of Koi Krazy

Open at noon - here they come!

Robin Passovoy making a goldfish bead for Tommy Hui -->


Midwest Bonsai Club table, having a good time

Every time that back door opened, most of Regole's Harvest Shoppe --


...Tried to fly into Sue Miller Enterprises...

...And sleep with the fishes.

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